Lose Weight with Hypnosis


Weight loss is never simply down to regular exercise and healthy eating.

There are many emotional habits and behavioural issues which cause people to gain weight.  These can include food addiction, stress, fear, a poor self-image, limiting beliefs and sleep disorders.

Think about the millions of people worldwide who are trying to lose weight. It should be so very easy, shouldn’t it?  Eat less and move more, right?  Yet the majority of people fail because they try to change their habits through self-discipline or will power.

The good news is that while neither self-discipline nor willpower are very good at changing habits permanently, hypnosis most certainly is! 

Hypnosis is a powerful tool which you can easily use to attain and maintain your ideal weight.  It involves direct communication with the subconscious, enabling you to reprogram your mind by bypassing the conscious mind and replacing the existing negative ideas and beliefs with new and empowering ones instead.