Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


It is so commonplace for people to say how difficult it is to stop smoking that it is sadly accepted as being fact by the masses.

The truth is that it is incredibly easy to stop smoking immediately.

The ONLY thing that is stopping you is fear and the rationalising you do in order to avoid facing this fear (e.g. the excuses you repeat to themselves and others when defending your smoking habit).

Smoking is merely a habit you picked up through continuously repeating it.  At first, you tried out your first few cigarettes among friends.  Even though they made you splutter and tasted disgusting, peer pressure influenced you to continue so that you wouldn’t be rejected or ridiculed by your social circle.  You also convinced yourself that you could stop whenever you wanted to.

With repeated action, however, smoking became a habit, something you often do without any conscious realisation.  This is all it is, a habit, yet when you find yourself doing it without thinking, you automatically believe you are hooked.  It is this mental trap that is the very cause of you continuing to be a smoker.

The habit was created by your subconscious mind and the conscious mind (which involves willpower as well as rational and logical thinking) can do nothing to eliminate it.  Since hypnosis involves direct communication with your subconscious mind, it makes removing the habit easy and effortless.

Beyond that, it is simply a matter of you adjusting your life to one without smoking and cigarettes.

This is much easier than you have been led to believe, especially by the tobacco companies who help spread the myth that you are hooked for the rest of your life.

To ensure your success, I offer a Lifetime Guarantee of Unlimited FREE back-up sessions until you stop smoking forever.