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If you want to compete and stay on top of your game, you’ll need much more than athletic skills.  As well as your muscles, you also need to train your mind. Think about how much your level of performance can be negatively affected by having self-doubt, anxieties and fears.

The power of hypnosis enables you to reap the benefits of subconscious peak-performance training.  By removing mental obstacles, you’ll improve your ability to focus and concentrate.  This will help transform your sporting performances to a whole new level.

For decades, athletes have been using hypnosis to significantly improve sporting performance and achieve fantastic results.

Here are just a few examples:

The Soviet Olympic Team of 1956 had eleven hypnotists as part of their training set-up.  They went on to win more medals than any nation (98 in total) and also topped the Gold Medal tally with 37.

Muhammad Ali: In 1973, Ali was defeated by the 7-to-1 underdog Ken Norton, who broke Ali’s jaw and famously won the fight.  Norton worked with a hypnotist in the lead up to the fight.  After the fight, Ali began working with a hypnotist himself!

Jimmy Connors used hypnosis to visualise hitting winning tennis strokes on his way to winning the US Open Championship.

Phil Jackson:  The legendary NBA Basketball head coach used self-hypnosis daily with both the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.  The result?  A record 11 NBA Championship wins.

Jack Nicklaus:  With more major victories than any golfer in history Jack Nicklaus was a constant user of self-hypnosis.  Nicklaus has stated many times that he believes that golf is 90% mental and only 10% physical.  “I never hit a shot, even in practice”, he says, “without having a very sharp picture of it in my head”.  ‘The Golden Bear” has claimed that his entire success came down to his ability to achieve great focus and concentration through self-hypnosis.


No matter what your sport is, hypnosis will help you to:

* Increase Confidence in yourself and your ability

* Optimise Arousal Levels

* Build Motivation Towards Goals

* Focus and Eliminate Distractions

* Mentally Rehearse Perfect Performance

* Ease pain and Recover from Injuries More Quickly

* Mobilise Energy

* Relax At Will

* Get in “The Zone” whenever and wherever you want

* Overcome Slumps and Plateaus

* Develop Positive Feelings and Self-Talk

* Overcome Performance Anxiety and Fear of Failure


"I contacted Paul to seek out his help in overcoming a fear I had recently acquired. 
I picked up a back injury while training for a powerlifting competition, and after giving it sufficient rest and recovery, I was ready to resume lifting again. My competition was only a week away and I had become mentally crippled by an overwhelming fear of re-injury. Paul returned my call for help immediately and we arranged a skype consultation the very next day. 
After our consultation and follow up emails I was able to resume heavy lifting again to prepare for the competition. His training help me overcome my fear and gave me great mental strength and confidence on the lifting platform. I have never felt so confident, and acheived a couple of personal bests on the day. Without his help I would not have been able to overcome my fear to even compete. 
I also know that training that Paul provided to me will have even greater reaching benefits to me in life, and not just in the sporting arena."
Gordon Ryan

 Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach



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