Why You May Need Hypnosis

The aim of my blog is to help you and others to gain a better understanding of how you can use hypnosis to improve many areas of your life.  

Hypnosis can enable you to deal better with the events in your life,  learn rapidly, control pain, heal faster, and maintain a positive and pro-active attitude.

When it comes to hypnosis, there are so many myths and misconceptions regarding the subjects that hypnotists often end up spending much of their time explaining what hypnosis is not than actually explaining what it is.  

Despite what movies would like you to believe, for example, hypnosis cannot be used to make you do things you don't want to do. Neither is it "dangerous".  

And yes, it really, really does work.

I will address all the myths and misconceptions regarding hypnosis in another article.

In this article, however, I will talk about what hypnosis is, what it involves, and why we should all use it.
When people don't fully understand a subject or topic, it is very common for them to dismiss it.

In the case of hypnosis, so many people think they know what it is, and their opinion is based on misinformation and misunderstandings. 

Have you ever tried to change a habit pattern only to quickly return to your old self-defeating habit?

The power of the subconscious to resist such positive, life-improving changes is exactly why we need hypnosis.

You may consciously want to change a habit with every ounce of your being.  

However, if you possess a subconscious belief in failure, a permanent and positive habit change will remain impossible.   

The Law of Conflict states that whenever your conscious and subconscious are in conflict, your subconscious always wins!

This is because imagination will always defeat logic.  

For example, think about the millions of people worldwide who are trying to lose weight. It should be so very easy, shouldn't it?  

Eat less and move more, right?  

Yet the majority of people fail because they try to change their habits through self-discipline or will power.  

Even though they consciously think about what the logical course of action is, they still imagine themselves doing what they subconsciously desire to do.

If you want to lose weight, possessing all the self-discipline in the world will sadly count for absolutely nothing if you constantly imagine how good junk food would taste.

In this case, the inevitable end result will always be failure and frustration.  

Diets work on the body and not the mind, so will-power can only ever achieve temporary change.  

This is why people lose weight and then gain it all back again, usually gaining even more weight than ever before in the process.

The good news is that while neither self-discipline nor willpower are very good at changing habits permanently, hypnosis most certainly is!  

Hypnosis involves direct communication with the subconscious, enabling you to reprogram your mind by bypassing the conscious mind and replacing the existing negative ideas and beliefs with new and empowering ones instead.

As children, we are like subconscious sponges to the enormous amount of stimuli that surrounds us throughout our early lives.  

Our parents, teacher and peers all have a huge effect on the habits, mannerisms and thought patterns we pick up during our formative years.  

Both television and the media also have a huge effect on our subconscious beliefs.

These beliefs can either empower us or limit us.  

It is therefore vital that you both gain and maintain control of your own subconscious programming.  

While advertisers use television as a tool to influence you to buy their products, we can pick up limiting beliefs from even our closest and most trusted sources.  

Our parents, for example, often unwittingly pass on limiting beliefs to us as kids.  

They do so with the best of intentions, totally unaware of the fact that they picked up such beliefs from their parents when they were kids.  

When you reach your teens, you consciously rebel against many of the things your parents advocate and reject many of their beliefs.  

Yet subconsciously you retain many of the beliefs which were programmed within you before you possessed the critical thinking skills to dismiss anything you were told as being untrue.

Much like the way you can delete old and ineffective programs on your computer and upgrade to much better ones, you can use hypnosis to do exactly the same with your subconscious beliefs.