Stressed? Read This Now!

The legendary martial artist Bruce Lee used to say "Be like water".  

Whenever a stream of water encounters an obstacle like a rock, it changes its shape and direction in order to get past the obstacle in its way.  In order for you to overcome the various obstacles and challenges you will inevitably encounter in life, you must learn to be equally flexible so that you can adapt and overcome every challenge.  

Being rigid in your approach each and every time is a surefire way to experience stress, simply because there will be many times in your life that Plan A just won't work. Putting more effort into making Plan A work will only leave you feeling even more frustrated, stressed out and worn out.  

You also need to have a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D too.

So let know of the need for control, not control itself.  

Stress is caused by you thinking that your life should be a different way than it is right now.  When you feel a need to totally control every aspect, it is inevitable that you will be vulnerable to feelings of stress, sadness and helplessness every time things don't go your way.

As John Lennon once said "Life is what happens when you are busy making plans".

As important as it is to set goals, something shit happens.  

Learn to deal with this eventuality so that you can trust in the process and look at every challenging situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Choose this outlook and you will make impossible for yourself to suffer unduly from stress.

If you can find a path with no obstacles whatsoever in your way, it is simply because it doesn't lead to anywhere worthwhile.  

Whatever you want to achieve in life, you are going to encounter challenges & obstacles, perhaps some misfortune, and possibly even tragedy along the way.  

As long as you understand and accept this, you will recognise that experiencing feelings such as sadness, anger and frustration are completely natural and actually an essential part of being a healthy human being.  

The only time that it is wrong is when you get stuck and trapped in any of these emotions longer than it is necessary.  The solution is always to keep focused on your goals, follow your passions and keep moving.

When you look at a river, you will notice how it meanders, bends and curves.  

Why is this?

It is because there are no straight lines in nature.  Likewise, there are no straight lines when it comes to you getting what you want in life.

Whatever goal you set for yourself will never ever be a straight line, no matter how well you plan it.  So avoid obsessing over having to control everything in your life because it is absolutely impossible anyway.

Instead, keep moving towards your goal and use any results you get, both positive and negative, as an opportunity to learn, grow and move closer to your goal.