Why You Should Be More Selfish

Are you able to swim? 

While we tend to associate swimming with water, most of us actually spend the majority of our lives swimming in GOOP? 

What is GOOP?

GOOP stands for the Good Opinion of Other People. 

Once you stop trying to please and impress others (whether it be your parents or your peers) and you instead focus on pleasing yourself first and foremost, then you will immediately put yourself on the road to instant happiness.  

Trying to please others is an impossible task that will end up making you miserable and deeply dissatisfied with your life. 


Because it is your life I am talking about.  So live it on your own terms. 

When you were a baby, you were absolutely selfish.  The world revolved around you and when you didn't get what you wanted, you got sad and cried or got angry and threw a tantrum. 

While I certainly don't recommend you cry or throw a tantrum every time you don't get what you want in life, I do recommend you become more selfish in every aspect of your life. 

Now, I fully expect you to immediately and completely disagree with this. 

After all, one of the first things we are taught as kids by our parents is to think of others and put others first before thinking about ourselves.  Being selfish, we are told, is "bad" so we should put others first at all times. 

The ironic thing is that when help yourself first and do what makes you happy, you put yourself in an infinitely more powerful and resourceful position from which to help others and make them happy.

So start taking care of yourself first so that you can help others more.