How Is Hypnosis Already Affecting Your Life?


Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not, hypnosis has always been a part of your life and always will be.  So many people, unfortunately, are unaware of this and live their lives according to the scripts given to them by others.



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In this age of technology, it is easy to look outside of yourself and forget how powerful you already are.  So many of us marvel at how we currently have pocket-sized mobile phones that are more powerful than 1980s supercomputers that took up entire rooms.  As impressive as that undoubtedly is, however, that is nothing compared to the power of the organic computer which is located between your two ears.  

A new study suggests that the human brain’s capacity is 10 times larger than previously believed.  Based on research carried out at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, it is now estimated that the memory capacity of the human brain is at least 1 petabyte.  For those of you wondering how exactly big that actually is, it is in the same ballpark as the total amount of information contained on the entire World Wide Web.

It is perhaps a matter of time before technology finally catches up with us.  For now, however, our current computers remain far behind what human evolution has created over millions of years.  Computers lack one critical component: the ability to change their connections. The enormous power of the human brain comes from its amazing ability to change its connections based on the information that it receives, combined with its interpretation of this information.

Computers are limited because they follow algorithms, set patterns that have been programmed into them.   As a result, they are unable to change their structure based on experience.  Human brains, on the other hand, excel at exactly this.  Its ability to do exactly this results in learning, memory and the ability to adapt to your environment in a dynamic and constructive way.

So what does this all have to do with hypnosis, I hear you ask?

Great question!

Imagine that your brain consists of two parts: 

1) The Conscious Mind
2) The Subconscious Mind
3) The Critical Factor

The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind consists of the Analytical and Logical parts of the mind.  Whilst reading this article, for example, both parts are constantly at work, trying to make sense of and evaluate the information contained within it.  

The Subconscious Mind

All of your memories, both short- are stored in your Subconscious Mind.  Things that you thought you forgot are actually part of your permanent memory.  Your subconscious memory is like a non-stop video recording of your life.  Nothing is judged, filtered, distorted or analysed.  It is non-judgmental.  Once it enters the Subconscious mind, it is just stored there.  Our emotions and habits are determined by the Subconscious Mind.

The Critical Factor

Due to the fact that the Subconscious Mind is non-judgmental, the Conscious Mind works to protect it, doing its absolute best to ensure that no damaging beliefs or suggestions are accepted.  Both the Logical and Analytical parts of the Conscious Mind work together choosing what to accept or reject.  They put up a barrier called the Critical Factor, which compares new information to existing beliefs and associated pieces of information learned in the past and held in permanent memory of the Subconscious Mind.  If the new information is significantly different, it is rejected as being not true. 

Unfortunately, you don't develop your critical factor until you are approximately midway into your childhood.  You believe everything your parents tell you because you trust them unconditionally and have yet to develop your ability to think critically.  Your teachers, peers, environment, family and what you see on the television all fill your mind with beliefs and suggestions.  Since you are blissfully unaware of everything you are unconsciously absorbing, you have absolutely no choice as to what to reject or accept.  

This is where so many limiting beliefs are formed.  Maybe you were taunted about your weight in school and as a result, you believe you are a fat person.  On the other hand, it might have been a totally harmless comment, made by someone, which you interpreted in such a way that caused you hurt and pain.  Many parents unwittingly pass on their limiting beliefs to their children.  Believing that they themselves are overweight because of their parents, they pass on the same limiting beliefs to their kids.  Such beliefs are stored deep in the Subconscious and, until changed, have a huge effect on that person's habits throughout their lives. 

You came into this world as a wonderful co-creation of unconditional love.  Everything about you was absolutely and undeniably perfect in every way.  Since then, however, you have picked up beliefs which have caused you to doubt this.  This has caused you to feel fear, the opposite of love.  Fear ultimately manifests itself in the guise of addiction, dysfunction and disease.

Are you unhappy with the results you are getting in life?

Is your life been affected by long-held feelings of sadness, anger or guilt?

If you have answered YES to either of these questions, realise what causes your results and feelings (both good and bad) in the first place.

Your beliefs create your actions

Your actions create your habits

Your habits create your results

Your results create your feelings

The good news is that you can remove all of the negative hypnosis which is holding you back in life.  The even better news is that you can replace it with positive self-hypnosis of your own choice.  This will help you to gain new understandings and perspectives of everything you have ever experienced in the past.  In doing so, you will break old patterns and introduce empowering beliefs and positive habits.  This is truly the "secret" to getting results and living a happy and fulfilling life.

Self-hypnosis empowers you with the ability to program YOUR mind exactly the way YOU want.  You wouldn't neglect your computer by failing to upgrade it if Windows 95 had been installed in it by someone else, would you?  Likewise, you would make sure to remove harmful viruses from your computer too, right?  If so, why not take equal care of the most powerful computer ever likely to be developed - your amazing brain.  

Uninstall the old software (limiting beliefs) and eliminate the viruses (fear) which slow you down and prevent you from performing at your best.  In their place, upgrade the hardware which is your brain with new software in the form of empowering beliefs.  This will immediately provide you with the personal power to break free from the past so that you can live the life YOU want.

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