Hypnosis for Golf

In this article, I am going to talk about the one thing which absolutely ruins your golf game. And if left untreated, it will severely affect your entire golf game permanently.  As a result, you will never ever play to your true potential.

Imagine the following scenario.

You're preparing for your shot and have determined exactly how you want to play it.  You know exactly where you want the ball to go.  Just as you are about to strike the ball, however, your wrist suddenly jerks and totally messes up your swing.  

Instead of being on the green as planned, you look on in despair as your ball drifts off into the bunker.  Despite all your best efforts, your entire shot was sabotaged by that involuntary shift of the wrist.

What makes this happen?

One word: Tension

Tension is the source of so many poor shots on the golf course.  When tension is present in your body, your muscles tighten and you end up making mistakes such as slicing or overhitting the ball.  Once you eliminate tension, you greatly eliminate the poor shots.

It is as simple as that.

You can spend hours and hours of your time with golf coaches analysing your swing and all the other mechanics of the game.  But if you don't focus on the mental side of the game, you're not going to improve your game much at all.


Because the tension will always be there to sabotage all your hard work in practice.  This is why hypnosis helps so much to improve your golf.   

Once you improve your mental game, the tension disappears.  Immediately, all the work you did in practice starts paying off whenever you play.  Suddenly you are playing the best golf of your life yet it seems as if you are doing nothing differently than before.  What your opponents won't know is that you have the mental edge that only hypnosis provides.   

Release the tension and realise your golfing potential.

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