Hypnosis For Dentistry

The use of hypnosis in dentistry can largely be attributed to the work of one man. 

From 1949 to 1962, Dave Elman travelled all across America, teaching hypnosis to medical professionals. 

During this time, Elman instructed over 10,000 physicians, dentists and psychiatrists. 

His pioneering methods are still used today, primarily for analgesia and anesthesia. 


By helping to control breathing, blood flow and heart rate, hypnosis is used to both ease and control pain during a surgery or procedure. 

Over the past two decades, it has become more and more common for dentists to rely totally on using pharmacological sedation to relieve dental anxiety and phobia. 

Not only does hypnosis provide effective non-pharmacological sedation, it can also help patients who suffer from dental anxiety, as well as those with a severe gag reflex.

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