Why there is NOTHING wrong with you!


As a hypnotist, I am regularly hired to help clients eliminate phobias, which cause them a huge amount of stress every day.  In severe cases, phobias can control peoples' entire lives, often making it impossible for them to even their own houses.

In such cases, it is understandable that these people come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with them.  This, however, is simply not true.  Sure, there is clearly something very wrong with the end result, the incapacitating fear triggered by the phobia.  Howvere, phobias are actually a demonstration that the sufferer's brain is in absolutely perfect working order.

Think about it for a moment.

If someone is scared of a spider, the phobic response is triggered instantly and automatically the very instant the person sees a spider.  Never do they see a spider and fail to reproduce the identical phobic reaction.  It works perfectly each and every time without exception.  While the phobic response is obviously undesirable, it is a clear sign of a brain working perfectly.  

With hypnosis, all it takes is for the hypnotist to manipulate various thoughts, feelings and associations towards the stimulus (e.g. the client seeing a spider).  This changes the response so that instead of feeling paralysing fear, the client feels neutral towards something which previously terrified them.

This not only applies to those who suffer from phobias.  Your specific thoughts, actions and feelings consistently produce specific results.  Once your thoughts remain the same, so will your actions, results and feelings.  Again, this is a sign that your brain is working absolutely perfectly to achieve the exact same results each and every time. 

To change the way you feel, simply change your thoughts, actions and results.  All of these are unconscious habits, which you automatically repeat without thinking.  Since hypnosis deals specifically with unconscious communication, it provides you the unique means to install the beliefs and habits required for you to greatly improve your life.

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