How Hypnosis Works - The Importance of Mindset



Forget fancy hypnotic inductions or fantastic scripts.  The pre-talk is the most important part of any hypnosis session.  With it, it greatly ensures that your client will get the very best results possible. Without it, you risk the client missing out on the benefits of hypnosis altogether.  Yes, the pre-talk really is that important.

In a previous article, I've already spoken about the need to eliminate myths and misconceptions about hypnosis during the pre-talk.  This is because people accept hypnosis in direct correlation to the amount of fear they have about it.  If they are scared of hypnosis, it will be absolutely impossible for them to relax and properly participate during the session.  

In this article, I'm going to talk about the importance of the client's attitude before each hypnosis session.  This is another vital part of a hypnosis session and its importance can never be overstated.  

When a client is in hypnosis and is given a suggestion by a hypnotist, he/she has a choice of 4 attitudes to adopt in relation to the suggestion:

Mental Attitude # 1

"I don't know; it sounds a little uncomfortable to me. It just doesn't fit me."

Change is initially uncomfortable for everybody.  In order for things to change, however, things must change!  And this includes accepting new suggestions which lead to new (and superior) results in your life.

Mental Attitude # 2

"I like that suggestion. I hope it works!"

Many people play the lottery every week and "hope" they win.  Hoping something will happen means you are leaving things to fate.  You must take ownership of the results you want to get, harness your resources of personal power and make great things happen by yourself.

Mental Attitude # 3

"I'm neutral about it. I don't care if I get it or don't get it."

This is the very worst type of attitude.  It is only ever really possessed by someone who really doesn't want to be there.  For example, smokers often hire hypnotists because their spouses told them to try hypnosis.  Many times, they will hire a hypnotist with absolutely no desire to stop smoking in the first place.  They simply want to return home to their partners and tell them that they tried hypnosis and it "didn't work".  

Getting results with a client who possesses this type of attitude is absolutely impossible.  As a hypnotist, I therefore screen my prospective clients very carefully to ensure they are very serious about getting results.  This ensures that neither my time nor my clients' money is ever wasted.

Mental Attitude # 4

"I like that suggestion. I know it's going to work for me!"

This is the only mental attitude that will ever cause the suggestion to be accepted.   Adopting Attitudes 1, 2 or 3 will cause the suggestion to be rejected, thus preventing positive change.

Simply put, attitude is everything!