Why Diets Always Work But Never Work!

Despite what the majority of people tend to think, much of my work as a hypnotist involves taking clients OUT of hypnosis. In the case of phobia removal, for example, clients comes to me already deep in hypnosis, which is the very cause of their irrational fear. By using hypnotic trance to enable new understands and perspectives on a subconscious level, it is possible to easily remove the phobic response to whatever previously terrified the client.

In the case of weight loss, the general public is in a very deep state of hypnosis, which is causing the problem of obesity to literally grow and grow bigger with each passing year. Much of this hypnosis comes in the form of mass conditioning by the media. Think about it. We listen to the experts, follow all their advice and still we remain overweight. How is this so?

Pause for a moment and think about all the diets you have heard and read about in recent years. Every diet had its own little hook, which makes it stand out from the others. Likewise, every diet has legion of die-hard followers who swear that their diet is the only one that has ever worked for them.

Real-world evidence, however, illustrates the real truth. The fact of the matter is that you every single diet will work once it involves some form of caloric restriction. Simply put, if you cut your calories over an extended period for as little as a month, you will lose weight no matter what kind of foods you eat during this time.

A tiny percentage of people can diet continuously, restricting the calories they eat and never giving into the temptation of making “bad” food choices. For the rest of us, however, dieting is simply too stressful, too limiting and far too boring to turn into life-long eating habits. Food, like life itself, is there to be enjoyed, right? Right!

If you look at things from a purely scientific basis, diets will always work once there is calorie-deficit for an extended period of time. If you look at things from a purely psychological basis, you quickly understand why diets never actually work in the long term for the majority of individuals. This is because of one simple factor: willpower.

So many people believe that if only they had more willpower, they'd achieve their goals easily and effortlessly. When they fail, they blame themselves and attribute their failure to their lack of this seemingly magical ingredient of success.

Rely on willpower, however, and you will fail each and every time. 

There is a simple reason for this and it is the same for everyone. Willpower is part of the Conscious Mind. It is only designed to provide very short ­term motivation, and is never meant to be relied upon for permanent change.

Willpower will help you to refuse a single offer of a piece of chocolate but it will never, by itself, enable you to give up chocolate permanently.

Think of willpower as being like "mental adrenalin".

Adrenalin provides you with a short ­term burst of extra strength in an emergency situation, after which it diminishes back to normal levels. Willpower is exactly the same.

Say, for example, you want to give up chips and you use willpower to help you attain this goal. You will hold out for as long as you can, maintaining the struggle for as long as possible. It might be a week, a month or even 6 months. One day, however, your willpower reserves will eventually expire and you will eat a big plate of chips.

Most people, only knowing the one method, will blame themselves and return to another tortuous path of willpower-fueled deprivation. This time, however, will be a little different. Whereas you may have been able to hold out for as long as 6 months the first time, you may struggle to last even half that length of time the second time around. Since its reserves are limited, your willpower levels diminish until they eventually expire to nothing.

If you want to make permanent changes in your life, be sure to realise that doing so is impossible using willpower alone. This is why diets are ineffective for long ­term change. Since they are based on deprivation and "being good", it's only a matter of time until you give in and revert to those "bad" foods once again. 

Being healthy, slim and fit does not mean a life of suffering and pain. When you change the way your brain works, then your thoughts change and the way you act changes too. Different actions cause different results. 

So realise that it ALL starts off in your mind.

Paul Hurley (BSc Sports Hypnosis) has been working as a Weight Loss Hypnotist for over 15 years. His book “Think And Be Slim” explains how to use hypnosis to lose weight easily and permanently. 

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