Fix Your Golf Slice With Hypnosis

For any golfer, the most frustrating thing to happen is surely hitting the dreaded slice shot. Nothing screams “Amateur!” quite like the sight of your golf ball curving to the right in the air and landing in a very awkward position in the woods.

While there are a variety of technical problems that golfers can overcome, playing good golf is simply impossible unless you learn how to stop hitting shots with an open clubface.

It is estimated that as many of 90% of golfers struggle with a slice. When they look for the solution from instructors, the advice they get is to focus on two things. 

Firstly, they are told to evaluate their equipment to make sure they are using a driver with enough loft. 

Secondly, the instructor will make adjustments to their grip. Many players use a grip with the thumbs pointing straight down the handle. This type of grip is too weak. By turning your hands away from your target so that your palms are parallel, your grip instantly becomes stronger.

Many golf spend lots of time, money and effort trying to fix their slice. They follow all the recommendations and yet their slicing problems continue and their frustration grows and grows.

Why is this?

Before adjusting your physical swing, you first need to adjust your mental swing.

Here is why.

You might consciously know all the golf techniques and steps to follow when preparing for a shot. Your habits, however, are determined by your unconscious thinking and are hardwired into your physiology. 

To achieve consistency, you need to program your brain into instantly and automatically being able to play the right shot at exactly the right time. This should never be a struggle of any kind. Like top pros play when they are in The Zone, it should all flow easily and effortlessly.

Use hypnosis to fix your mental swing and kiss slice shots goodbye forever.