Donald Trump - Hypnosis Genius


If you think business networking meetings are painful at best, be grateful you are not a hypnotist.

The following is a snippet from a recent conversation I had with an attendee at one such meeting:

"Sorry, but I don't believe hypnosis actually works", he said.

"Do you believe in gravity?", I immediately replied.

Ok, clearly NOT the reply he expected. 

However, it disrupted his misguided rant, allowing me the opportunity to explain why I countered his initial statement with a seemingly ridiculous question.

Let me explain.

In the case of gravity, your belief in it is totally irrelevant. Walk off the edge of a cliff and the result will be exactly the same, regardless of whether or not you believe in its existence.

In the case of hypnosis, the exact same applies. Just because you don't believe it works doesn't mean it doesn't actually work. It also doesn't mean hypnosis hasn't already been working on you, albeit without your conscious awareness of the covert process in operation.

Forget what you *think* you already *know* about hypnosis. Its use goes far beyond the confines of therapeutic use and comedic stage shows. 

Never before in history has there ever been a better example of this than during this year's US Presidential Election, featuring Hilary Clinton and the one and only, Donald J. Trump.

Trump is hardly the first politician to have used hypnotic language in all his speeches. Google "Barack Obama Hypnosis" for a detailed breakdown of how the outgoing US President has always interspersed conversational hypnosis within all of his speeches, announcements, and press conferences. 

However, when it comes to mass hypnosis, the most powerful form of hypnosis, the undisputed master is none other than President Trump. 

Love him or loathe him, only a fool would mistake him for an idiot. 

Donald Trump is a clever man.

A very clever man. 

He knew exactly what he was doing and was acutely aware of precisely what effect he would have when he said what he said. He totally understood the power of mass hypnosis and used it to devastating effect. 

This is why he chose his words so very carefully.......

According to the definition provided at, hypnosis can be defined as an "artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterised by heightened susceptibility to suggestion."

Once you imagine Trump's most ardent supporters being on an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, his puzzling ascendency to the absolute height of political power finally begins to make total and utter sense.

By the very nature of the public persona caricature he ingeniously invented for himself, Trump freed himself to say things that were equally obscene and outrageous He combined hypnotic language and outbursts specifically designed to both polarise and stigmatise the entire population of the United States. 

By propagating fear and paranoia, he was able to convince many very intelligent people that he was absolutely the best person to be the next U.S. president. 

This was no easy feat. Trump effortlessly made the implausible somehow seem totally plausible. 

Trump fully understood that by spinning a fantasy out of the mundane reality (i.e. real life) lived out by many of his more ardent supporters, he would gain access to unlimited amounts of all types of power. 

The more people his words put into trance, the more his victory in this election was guaranteed. This is exactly why he is now the President of the United States. 

Meanwhile his opponents and detractors remain deep asleep in the very trance that unwittingly ensured Trump's victory in the first place.

Make no mistake. There is genius at work here.